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GAA Football Championship 2018

All-Ireland Football Final
Throw-in Countdown!

GAA Football Championship 2018

It promises to be a really interesting Championship this year with the introduction of the Super 8s New Quarter-Final Round Robin Stage to replace the traditional one-game quarter-finals. There'll be a bit more travelling involved for supporters, but if you can't get to every game, you'll be able to soak up the next best atmosphere around with our BIG Screen and 4 other TVs.

Paul shows the passion after scoring the equalising point for Kerry against Kildare in Round 3.

All-Ireland Final

Who will win the 2018 All-Ireland Football Final?
All Ireland GAA SFC 2018 Fixture and Date
  • Dublin v Tyrone, 3.30pm - September 2nd

All-Ireland Semi-Finals

GAA Football championship Semi-Final Poll Results at Paul Geaney's Bar & Restaurant Dingle Wild Atlantic Way

Our Football Semi-Final Poll results

  • Dublin v Galway, 5.00pm - August 11th (Croke Park)
  • Monaghan v Tyrone, 3.30pm - August 12th (Croke Park)

All-Ireland Quater-Final Super 8s

Super 8s GAA SFC 2018 Round 3 Fixtures and Dates

Round 3 - Group 1

  • Galway v Monaghan, 6pm - August 4th (Pearse Stadium)
  • Kerry v Kildare, 6pm - August 4th (Fitzgerald Stadium)

Round 3 - Group 2

  • Dublin v Roscommon, 3.30pm - August 5th (Croke Park)
  • Donegal v Tyrone, 3.30pm - August 5th (Ballybofey)
Super 8s GAA SFC 2018 Fixtures and Dates

Round 2 - Group 2

  • Roscommon v Donegal, 5pm - July 21st (Dr Hyde Park)
  • Tyrone v Dublin, 7pm - July 21st (Healy Park)

Round 2 - Group 1

  • Kildare v Galway, 2pm - July 22nd (St Conleth's Park)
  • Monaghan v Kerry, 4pm - July 22nd (Clones)

Super 8s

Round 1 - Group 2

  • Tyrone v Roscommon, 5pm - July 14th (Croke Park)
  • Dublin v Donegal, 7pm - July 14th (Croke Park)

Round 1 - Group 1

  • Kildare v Monaghan, 2pm - July 15th (Croke Park)
  • Kerry v Galway, 4pm - July 15th (Croke Park)

Round 4

  • Round 4, July 7th & 8th

A Kerry footballer with an inferiority complex is one who thinks he's just as good as everybody else. - John B. Keane